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We provide millions of impressions per month with a great click-through ratio by advertising on the Standard & Observer series of newspaper websites across Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

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BMVision Studio

A digital agency

Introducing BMVision

As a digital agency, we will manage the running of your online advertising campaign across the range of our eleven Observer & Standard Newspaper titles.

We offer four different types of advertising placements over our range of websites, including the following:

Double MPU

Double Mid Page Unit

Possibly the best advertising slot available, the Double Mid Page Unit sits above-the-fold on larger screens, meaning it's often the very first thing a user will see when they load an article or browse the website.

With a size of 300 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, this ad slot has the biggest size that fits on all devices.

BMVision Double MPU


Mid Page Unit

Now the most popular advertising slot size in the UK, the MPU has knocked the Leaderboard into second place.

The dimensions are 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall, making the MPU the ideal size for pretty much any advertisement.

BMVision MPU


Best placement for all devices

Amongst the best performing ad slots, the leaderboard offers a great location for all devices as it sits at the top of the page and is served at multiple sizes depending on the screen size.

The Leaderboard is served at 728 pixels by 90 pixels on larger screen sizes, 468 pixels by 60 pixels on tablet devices and 320 pixels by 50 pixels on mobile and small tablet devices.

BMVision Leaderboard

Skin & Billboard

Perfect for targeting larger screens

The skin and billboard advertising placements come as a pair and make a big impression on anyone going to the site with a larger screen.

Your artwork will sit around the main website content, making the most of the space available depending on the screen size of the user. This advertising placement has the best CTR of all of our placements, making it a very popular bit of real-estate.

BMVision Skin & Billboard